Monday, October 16, 2006

My baby arrived !

Ok .. no need to be worried. I was referring to my laptop. A brand new 1405. In fact, it had arrived 3 days ago on Friday itself, but nobody was there to collect it. Thankfully, our TOA class got cancelled today, so I waited all day long just to collect it. Now in CRC to create my VT wireless accounts etc and try it out ...

I just love the feel on the keyboard. It would have been better if the sound was a little lesser. But I dont mind. :) The screen is just too good and so is the weight I guess. Of course, nothing can beat the Apple iBook, Sony Vaio and the Lenovo Thinkpad (in that order). But given the price, I think I got a decent deal.


Blogger tilo said...

hey u seem really excited at the coming of your baby [;)]!!

1:18 AM  
Blogger tilo said...

also wats d meaning of d name of ur blog?

1:19 AM  

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