Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gandhigiri ....

I was watching Lage Raho today for the second time. Even though I tend to feel that it wasnt as successful in making people laugh as the first installment, it surely made some effort (whatever minor) towards reminding us of our nation's Father. I concur that the movie might not be realistic in today's world, but it was successful in what it wanted to achieve : to make us spare a thought or two for our nation.

Given the direction at which our country's youngsters are heading to, it wouldnt be a surprise if they didnt know who Mahatma was, say 50 years down the line. No offense meant to our educational system. They might be doing their job well. But a lot of us are giving out the wrong signals to them. Even though this generation has achieved a lot and has the capacity to perform even better, it might also cause some disorder in the thought process of future generations. Or maybe its just me and my silly thoughts. But I would definitely love to see our generation rise high and proud and make great strides forward !

As an afterthought, I appreciated one aspect where the movie succeeded very well : presenting Gandhi's ideals through a simple term of Gandhigiri.


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