Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sequoia View

Came across this pseudo useful tool called SequoiaView as part of the Information Visualization class. Its a file explorer that allows you to "visualize" the hard disk in terms of the size and types of files.

Well .. the above image is how my hard disk "looks" like. I feel this tool useful in situations when you want to free up free space and want to find out the biggest chunks. The first time I used it, I freed up close to 2 GB in my hard disk of unused files ! Now, thats something !! But of course, it cant replace explorer. Its more like a supplementary "nice-to-have" thing. (One bad thing which I hate about this tool is its huge startup and refresh time where it scanning the whole hard drive.

PS : BTW, the orangish and grey files displayed above are AVI and video files while the green ones are MP3. Now you know what kind of files I have in my hard disk ;)

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Blogger tilo said...

hey kool site :)

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