Thursday, April 14, 2005

Vishu Aashamsagal ....

Happy Vishu to all of the Talloos (A unique breed of Tamil Brahmins who have their roots in the neighbouring state of Kerala, but whose mother tongue is Tamil) reading this. புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் for all the Tamilians. What a beautiful festival Vishu is !

The picture that you see above is the Vishukkani. The kani consists of what one percieves as objects of his prosperity (generally consists of dhanam, dhaanyam, phalam etc) kept in what is called a uruli. It is decorated by konnappoo, a beautiful yellow flower. (Its seasonal and flowers only during this season). Now, the Vishukkani is arranged the night before Vishu by the eldermost member (generally male) of the family. On the day of Vishu, one is supposed to get up early, and without opening his/her eyes immediately, he/she should view the Vishukkani first. The whole funda being that the following year would be filled with what you see first on this day.

Now, I used to wonder in my childhood days as to how one could get up and still not open his/her eyes immediately. Tricky situation, that is. When we were children, our parents used to wake us up after closing our eyes with their hands, so that we don't see anything else. But, how does one do it after he/she grows up ? My experience shows that if you sincerely think really deeply just before you sleep, that you shouldn't open your eyes on getting up, you will be able to wake up and still not open your eyes. It might seem difficult at first, but believe me, it has worked for me many times :)

This year's Vishu was the usual bachelor affair of arranging some currency notes and coins along with a mirror and some fruits (if you remember to get them). And since I slept late at 1 am the previous night, I saw 3 kanis, because, on the first two times, I felt so damn sleepy that I fell back on my bed and slept again !! Now, does that mean that my year will be 3 times as prosperous ??? Atleast I hope so.