Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Truly wireless

I am writing this post from my group laptop which has a high speed Sierra wireless card (from Reliance) in it. And suddenly I experienced what truly wireless is ! No power cords, no ethernet cables, no keyboad/mouse wires. I can as well be sitting in a beautiful beach surrounded by ... (well .... you know what I mean) and write this.

Our company gives some impressive perks for staying in touch with work . One can either go for a wireless card, in which case you don't have to worry about where you are connecting from etc. (The card costs a fortune though !) Or you can avail reimbursement on you broadband bill upto a certain amount. I never knew about such schemes until about a few weeks back. Goes to show how companies publicize themselves wrt perks while at the same time ensuring that minimum employees avail such perks.

Monday, October 03, 2005

RTO Blues ...

I had my first experience with a traffic cop on Sat nite. NOC issue. My bike has TN registration and normally one can ride a vehicle of outside registration for 6 months in a different state. I had read this piece of info from RTO Pune website ! (The site seems to be down now). Well, this cop wasn't listening to anything. Me being a non-Marathi wasn't helping at all. Thankfully, my friend at office smoothed out some things and I ended up emptying my purse !! Thinking retrospectively, I shouldn't have parted all my money. I'm sure he must have been ready for a far less sum too. My bad ... Anyway, it ended up as a bad beginning to a hilarious night at Great Punjab !