Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Reporting from Blacksburg ...

Well .. the news is that I have joined VTech as a CS grad student (yeah .. unbelievable aint it ?) ! So I packed all my bags and flew to the US (duh !) and reached Blacksburg after an uneventful journey.

The first thing that I noticed about this place is its sheer beauty. This place is just too beautiful ! :) I have so many things to say since I came here that I am at a loss with words. We have something or the other happening here every day. I will try to organize my thoughts and write it up in another post.

Yesterday we had William Morva shutting down the whole VTech campus. What a start to our first semester here !! Thankfully, he was captured around evening and classes resumed from today onwards.

Its a new phase in my life and I got to make the full use of it. Here's wishing me best luck in whatever I do in this new phase ! Please put in your best wishes too ....

Go Hokies !