Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rang barse ...

Holi celebrations were a little mellowed down this year with just a 'formal' play of colours in my office. That too, two days before the official Holi. Not that I am big enthusiast of playing Holi. Again reminiscing back to my college days, one of the important colours in which the junta used to play Holi was brown. Simply said : mud. No wonder if people had glowing skin the next day. A mud bath was made in the QT and every non-brown-looking-person was just dragged and dipped into it. And I still remember 2 things vividly about Holi celebrations in my college :
1. In my first year, I lost my room key in the mud bath and had to wait till all mud baths were over to fish it out.

2. The really messy bathrooms after the whole affair. (yewwww !!).

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Back to the present, if watching movies one after the other is called back-to-back movies, what do you call watching back-to-back movies in back-to-back weekends ? Ha haa .... Well, thats what I did during this weekend. What can you expect to do at home with CineWorld's licence being revoked for a month for doing what it was famous for. (Just kidding ! )

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wonderful wonderful weather ...

The weather today has been too good to be true. Woke up to a nice breezy morning and had a refreshing cool bath. Walked out of our apartment and was greeted by warm sunshine and a cool breeze. Not a hint of வெய்யில். I decided to 'walk the weather' to enjoy every moment of it. Wow ! Just wonderful. A good weather truly lifts your spirits !! :) Why can't the weather be like this every day ?

Back to back movies ...

Now, whatever happened to the days of watching back-to-back movies ? In our college days, we used to regularly watch movies one after the other, especially in our psenti sem. (however bad they may be). Watch a RAF (no, thats not the British Air Force) movie at 8 in the audi, another one (very rarely, even two) in my room at 11-12'ish. That used to be an intrinsic part of our schedule. We ended up watching close to 70 movies in that 120-day sem !!. Boy .. did we have a run !!! And with VCD's available for rent at Rs.10, who would complain ?!! And I can't even estimate the number of times, I have used my HDD as a floppy disk to copy from other's comps.

After those wonderful days at college, we saw 2 back-to-back movies at a multiplex here last week. Meet the fockers and Ray. The former movie was a good laugh-o-therapy. Ended up in a slightly sleepy mood after the second one. Nothing great in Ray except for Jamie Foxx.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Aamchi Mumbai ...

Had been to Aamchi Mumbai for the weekend. Just a gen visit. Shaka's house has turned into a "gadget ghar" (with iPods, laptops, DVD players, portable MP3 players, digital cameras etc etc lying all over the house) after his (and his roommate's) return from the US visit. Couldn't meet Ambix as his parents had come to visit him. And Simmy and Madhu had gone home. (Bad timing). Just roamed around some malls and watched some films.

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Kadhal was a decent film picturizing some realistic difficulties one might face after falling in love and running away. Million Dollar Baby - a good one, though a wee bit longer than necessary in the end. I somehow didn't feel that Morgan Freeman deserved an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this film.

Had a looong trip back home since the bus I took from Thane seemed to stop at each and every bus station on the way (though nobody boarded).

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Well done Narain ...

Well, OK, so what if he finished 15th only ? Atleast he finished his first race ! Moreover, he was the first among all 4 rookies in a not-so-impressive Jordan car. Lets hope he breaks into the top 10 next time :)

BTW, Google was caught breaking their own rules when one of their pages employed cloaking techniques to increase their own page rank !!! Of course, the site in question was immediately corrected, I guess.

Back home, we had a wonderful nite at Not just Jazz by the Bay. Thought there wasn't any bay (or any Jazz, for that matter), there were some very good singers in the 'happening' crowd on Sunday nite.

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Our brave attempts at singing (it was karaoke) 'Knocking on Heaven's door' fell on uninteresting ears, with even Subbu imitating our (pathetic) "Knock, knock, knocking" every other minute. Well, it was a bad song for karaoking. Hotel California was much better, I think. And because, we had such a wonderful start, I was 'politely' asked to refrain from singing one of my favorite songs. And as our enthu level went down, so did the skirt of a woman in our neighbouring table ;) And we had a different kind of peek-a-boo as compared to HP's

Update : The food sucked bigtime BTW.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Travolta and Thurman in a new pulp ...

John Travolta & Uma Thurman will be co-starring in a new film since the 1994 swashbuckler movie Pulp Fiction. The new film called Be Cool is a sequel to the Travolta starrer Get Shorty. It was interesting to note that they haven't acted together since 1994. No need to say much about Pulp Fiction - simply superb !! I always start ROTFL whenever I hear the ketchup joke (One day there was these three tomatoes walking down the street, a mama tomato, a daddy tomato and a baby tomato. the baby tomato was walking too slow, so the daddy tomato went back, stepped on him and said "ketchup" !)

Now, how did I reach Google search?

If this is what you are thinking, chill down. Its just my new template :) I came across this template when I was walking through some of the plethora of links on the web. A nicely made template ! Well, what was wrong with my old template ? Nothing, in fact. I just felt that this template was cute (and popular too).

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Birthday வாரம் !!

Synonymous to the typical Sun TV's (old) style of publicising the genre of movies which would be screened in the coming week, it was "Birthday" வாரம் (week) in my case. After the interesting birthday of Subbu, it was Guj's turn on Feb 25th. He told me that its actually is on 26th. Normally, we hear of cases where people move their 'official' birthdays by many months so that they can get admitted to school without wasting a year. (I wonder whether anybody does it these days !!?? ) Here's one (silly) case where they entered the wrong date by mistake !! So, he ends up celebrating two birthdays back to back. :)

Ok .. back to the birthday 'bash', the next in line were Shanth and my boss on March 1st. Since, I haven't got an opportunity to introduce Shanth till now, here it is : He is one of my roommates who also works in the same company as me (and my other roommates). One of the toppers in our CS batch from BITS, he is one hell of a fundoo guy who nora vuttifies regularly. Anyway, his birthday also went great except for ..... well .. forget it. And what better a day than your birthday to get the good news of getting an admit with TA'ship to a US univ !!!!! And that too, to the univ where his soulmate is studying now !!

And my boss' birthday was celebrated at office with Pizzas and cakes !!! Twas really good and a different way to celebrate also, though Subbu ended up in a Police station when we went to buy the cake ! :))