Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One year up ...

I feel a strange tingling sensation in my leg today. Why ? It was on this fateful day last year that I broke my leg. I was somehow destined to get hurt that day. Even now, when I think about that day, I am amazed at how such a minor accident could result in a so nasty an injury. I guess I have nobody to blame except my bad luck. Three months on crutches and another three months to return to complete normalcy. It was one horrible time I went through. It must have been even worse for my parents.

Oh ! how could I forget that day ...... Or rather, how I would love to forget that day .....


If you are addicted to the game in my previous post, this link is THE game for you. 13 levels and still counting. I can assure you that you can easily spend one fruitful (or is it unfruitful ?) hour on it. Happy escaping !

Friday, May 06, 2005

Escape ....

Now, before I get the following as a thousand forwards, I decided to post this here. For all those practical puzzle lovers, you get excellent "room" to try your talents in these puzzles. The Crimson, Viridian and Blue Chamber are three rooms from where you have to escape using whatever you find in the room (and your brains, of course). Ok.. don't come barking after me if you lose all your hair (hmm... maybe you could use them in the Viridian chamber somehow).

Hints :

Crimson : Click-o-mania !!!

Viridian : Try it last ! No fancy clicks required here, but try *all* combinations with whatever you get.

Blue chamber : Hmmm .. is relatively simple.